​Roy Ruth is about a man estranged from his source,
replacing memories of desert farming
​with movement and writing.

Using old motorcycles across asphalt roads, ​​
​the five-year journey​ is told ​in six parts by Roy Ruth.

The first three parts ​of Roy Ruth ​​are, Austin Mass,
​and Acts I and II of Runway Coyote Cash.
​All three were scored by the Austin Potwashers.

Parts IV and V of Roy Ruth
​are Premium Sun in the Redwoods
​and Nightman in a Winter Valley.
​​Both were scored by the Oakland Potwashers.

Part VI is an epilogue,
Dearest Mechanical God Above,
​twenty years after the fact.

Roy Ruth has a rough signature
​to its soundscape, a sort of …
​Gershwin-Floyd Cramer-Rock & Roll panorama.​​​

A European spy believes
​it’s an American motorcycle epic.

 it is. 

​Hope you enjoy the sound . . . 

  • Winston Goertz-Giffen: guitar, vocals, trumpet, harmonica (Ted the Block, Saything)
  • ​Seth Gibbs​: bass, harmonica, vocals
  • Landis Armstrong: guitar, vocals​​
  • Joe Thompson: guitar, harmonica, drums, mandolin, vocal
  • Peter Stafford: lap steel, guitar, piano, vocals
  • Spencer Goertz-Giffen: mandolin, guitar, horn, vocals
  • Steve Giffen: piano, keyboards
  • Mark Hallman​: guitars, keyboard, harmonica, bass (Congress House Studio)
  • Michael Crow: upright bass, snare with brushes​
  • ​Katherine Quinn​: vocals
  • ​Genevieve Gilbreath​: vocals
  • Kelly MickWee: vocals​ (Trishas)
  • Vicente Aello: whistleing and artwork
  • Roy Ruth: words and vocals

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