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  • Austin Mass
  • Runaway Coyote Cash – Act I
  • Runaway Coyote Cash - Act II
  • Premium Sun in the Redwoods
  • Night Man in a Winter Valley
  • The Moscow Salad
  • Dearest Mechanical God Above

Cheney Pump Station

State Water Project

Those Trees


Rolling a Drum

Voluntary Jail

Dealy Plaza

Austin State House

Lutheran Yard

Bus Stop

Max Gonzales



Men & Women

Painting Trash Cans Green


Hot Tar Life

Tar Mop

Buffalo Thoughts


Best Middle Dogs

Maybe an Anne

Rain Prayer

Piano Storm



Rita 2

Rolling a Drum on a Bench

Roofing Alley

Water Buffalo


Dark Water

Esther Watson’s Truck

Esther Watson’s

Esther Watson’s 2

Amish Combine


Esther’s Rain Bird

Camped in the Pasture

Opium Den

Farm Dream 1

Farm Dream 2

Farm Dream 3

Cliffords Trailer

Clifford & Roy

Runaway Coyote Hat

Dark Gravel Road

Mother’s Funeral

Roy Luther Noah

Map 2


Racoons Have Balls

Dick’s Bar Sketch

Dick’s Bar

Rena 1

Rena 2

Cheney Pump Station

Cheney Shack

Well Drilling Rig

Cotton Planter​

Rain Machine Pump


Red Tractors for Sale

Red Earl

Cheney Shack Ruin

Cheney Pump Station Interior

Rain Machine Engine

Rain Machine in the Creek

Writing Rain Machine in Noah’s Trailer

Moving Water

$1.47 Cents


Not So Damn Bad

Map 3

Lindy Crawslad

Noah & Roy Diner

40 Million People on the Other Side

Empty Resort Hotel



Map 4

Water Buffalo 2

Tooth in a Blue Box

Oily Gray Buffalo

Green Bike Pecans

Russell’s Flow

Deadly Airstream

Dust on the Garden Hose

Luthor in Coma

Robbin’ the Mars Drive In

Roy Reading

Helmet & Jacket

The End


Moe Inch’s Inn​

Oscar’s Rabbit​

Oscar & Roy​

Oscar’s Compound​

Elenore, the Stump​

Early Deck​

Lonely Bob​

Washing Machine​

Gray Faced at Moe’s​

Alaskan Daisies​

Glenna’s Scout​

Glenna’s Garden​

Glenna Shooting Pool​

Moe Inch​

Moe’s Death​

Oscar’s Crash​

Oscar’s Body​

False Cosmos of a Ceiling​

Oscar & Moe Next to Where the Sheep Drink​

One Way Road


Valley 1


Morro Bay Lightning

Rearranging My Pile


Tunnel 1

Tunnel 2

I Took the Job

Roy’s Tent

Cleaning the Tent

Dollar Sign

Roy’s Coffee Cup

Cash Cup

Oscar and Buddy Desk Sketch

Pot Room Mess

Yosemite Cooks

Interior of Tent

Interior of Tent 2

The Beer​


Pot Room


Oscar​ and Buddy Sketch

Yeah, Dad

Pot Room 1

Pot Room 2

Pot Room 3

Burned Onion Scum

Dirty Pots

Waterfall Painting



Cooks Meadow

One Way Road

Red Sky


To a Yosemite Friend in Georgia

Dear Beautiful Woman in New York City

Evening Sky

A Day Off

Buddy Oscar and Yosemite Raccoon

Merced River

Kissed My Wife 1

Kissed My Wife 2

Maybe an Anne

Oboe’s Gone

Potwasher Hour – Red Sky

Maybe an Anne

Roy’s Birkenstocks

Potwasher Hour 2

Potwasher Hour 4

Potwasher Hour 3

Potwasher Hour

Joanna & Roy

Potwasher Hour 6

Racoons Laughing

​Key to the Women’s Shower

Biker Graveyard 1

Biker Graveyard 2

Cook Friend Glenn 1

Cook Friend Glenn 2

Cook Friend Glenn 3

Vending Machine in the Rain

Valley 2

Cheetoh Teeth Sketch

Cheetoh Teeth

Rainbow Llama Poem by Lucia Rose Laz

Rainbow Llama Poem

Angel Hicks

Angel Hicks 2



Angel Hicks’ Feet

Angel Hicks’ Porsche

Angel Hicks 3

Roy’s Hat

Woody’s Guitar

Lindbergh’s Successors

One Way Road

Bob Dylan Sketch

Yosemite Jail

Royal Arches 2

Where the Hell is Mars

Royal Arches

Roy Canoe​

A Boy

Howling Moon

Roy Meadow

Confused and Shutdown​

Red Sky

Last Desk Sketch


Evening Sky​



Stew (Honorary Yosemite Kitty)

The Phone in Bowl Enlarges the Sound

Roy, New Mexico 1

Roy, New Mexico 2

Roy, New Mexico 3

Mrs. Holmes 1

The Deep Wax 1

The Deep Wax 2

The Deep Wax 3

The Cheney Shack

My Mother’s First Kitchen

Can’t Lay Lands to the Woman Anymore

Airstream 1

Airstream 2

Seth Gibbs 2

Seth Gibbs 1

Not So Damn Bad

Peaceful Bones

Capridae 1

Capridae 2

Hat Poem


The Judge

Bloodlines 2

Bloodlines 3

Bloodlines 1

Baseball Hamster

Rain Prayer Demo 1

Rain Prayer Demo 2

I’m Not Quite a Poet this Morning

The White Bike

Ruby Red River

The Two Neils

Mark Hallman & Roy Ruth

Congress House Studio

Roy Ruth

The Legionnaire Saloon​

Roy’s Austere Room​