Baseball Hamster

Every morning the girl next door
wakes to the sound of her hamsters feet running in place.
And her hamster never really said where he’d been.
So when the girl asked her mother, her mother said
the hamsters don’t speak German or Polish.
In fact they don’t know much — but her mom was wrong.
Because the hamster read the ‘Boys of Summer’
just the other evening and cried when he finished,
a big sad hamster with his forelegs
wrapped around an American classic,
kind of like a tragic Greek
because baseball was too big for him.
Whispering how carrots were better
in his grandfather’s time.
Then sadness poured from the hamster
as he released his feelings
about flunking school,
because he watched too much baseball,
and all that he really wanted to do
was to be sportswriter.

So the girl asked her hamster
why not write for tv.
But the exhausted hamster
just slept in her glove…