Those Trees

In the west side desert, Cheney Pump Station
sits on the broken oil line northwest of Three Rocks.
Three Rocks is a long mile north
of the old oil line pumps at Halfway House.
South and east of the wreckage at Halfway House,
Mount Whitney’s west summit line connects through Five Points.
North and east of the Five Points
is the Four Corners and the J-13 dies there.
Quickly away from the corners using the 180 grade,
the Sierra rises and crests the Kings River’s canyon.
Further see the Sequoia trees.

I had a childhood fear of the Cheney engine.
I used to farm half ways between
Three Rocks and Five Points.
I used to steal trucks in to Four Corners
and escape down the J-13.
I used to white water river scramble
during flood years in the upper King’s Canyon.

And I learned to high jump in the Sierra,
but not as high as those trees . . .